Institute of Optical Materials and Technologies
"Acad. Jordan Malinowski"

IOMT manufactures and offers to its clients the following products:

Reflection holograms

Inorganic thin film photoresist

Linear scales and gratings up to 1600 mm long for incremental measuring systems, circular encoder gratings and scales, diffraction and kinoform optical elements
IOMT offers to its customers the following services:
• mass production of graphic images on glass on the basis of the inorganic resist, developed in IOMT
• Photolithographic structuring of different layers: Cr, NiCr, Al, Si, SiO2, Si3N4, Au, Pt, ITO, AIN, glass
• Production of high purity silver halide and chalcogenide glasses
• Vacuum deposition of thin layers of metals, ITO, dielectrics, silver halides, chalcogenide glasses, ceramics, organic and composite materials
• Spectrometric measurements of transmittance and reflectance of solid samples in the spectral region 190-3300 nm with the spectrophotometer CARY 5E – Varian
• I-V measurement – range 100 fA 1A/10 nV-100V DC
• X-ray microanalysis (Philips 505/EDAX 9100 и Philips525/EDAX 9900
• Scanning electron microscopy and surface morphological and profile analysis (Phillips 515)
• Transmission electron microscope JEOL JEM 2100 (jointly owned with IGIC-BAS)- suitable for investigation of the pattern, size, structure and phase composition of nanosize objects – nanoparticles, nanotubes etc, as well as the structure and phase composition of thin layers thick less than 100 nm; requirement- the investigated materials should not be magnetic or highly sensitive to radiation ◊
Inorganic thin film photoresist
US Pat.4499 073/1985; EU Pat. 0034490/1983, Bulg.Authorship 34522/1983
A unique inorganic photoresist system has developed allowing the reproduction of structures down to 0.4 µm with conventional exposure devices (λ = 436 nm) and down to 0.1 µm by exposure with electrons and X-rays. Structures down to 1 µm are readily reproduced by lift off process.

The inorganic photoresist represents an amorphous vacuum evaporated chalcogenide film which on illumination changes considerably its solubility in alkaline solutions and has an excellent resistance to most acids.
- spectral sensitivity - λ < 540 nm;
- sensitivity ca. 0.2 J/cm2, (λ = 436 nm); for electrons: 1,3.10-4C cm-2 at 7.5 kV;
- exposure latitude ± 30%;
- development latitude ± 100%;
- edge sharpness and acuity better than 0.1 µm depending on the quality of the master;
- minimal width of the detail 0.3 µm (λ = 436 nm), 0.1 µm (electron beam);
- shelf life of exposed and unexposed material - over 6 months;
Block scheme of inorganic resist technology
High precision photolithographic patterning of thin vacuum deposited layers of Cr, Ti, Ni, NiCr, Al, AlN, Al2O3, Cu, Au, Si, SiO2, Si3N4, Pt etc and glass substrates
We offer a technology and technological production lines for circular encoder gratings (2.5x2.5" and 4x4") - more than 40000 pcs/year - as well as linear gratings up to 200x1600 mm - more than 10000 linear m/year
Circular encoder gratings (enlarged)
Production of reflection holograms
IOMT offers recording of holograms up to 30 x 40 cm. Holograms reconstruct the full information about the objects – color and 3D spatial coordinates. Volume reflection holograms (the so called Denisuyk holograms) are the most suitable for art holography due to reconstruction with ordinary white light. Perception of the holographic image coincides completely with the perception of the object itself. Spectacular demonstration of holograms requires artistic illumination and an appropriate art design of the reconstruction scene. IOMT offers suitable stands with light sources for reconstruction of holograms. They have been successfully tested in numerous holographic exhibitions and private collections.
Creation of 3D holographic copies of museum exhibits, works of art and other relics is one of the first applications of holography. As a rule, these are objects of limited access due to their uniqueness, special storage conditions and for security reasons. That is why IOMT offers in situ recording of holograms – in museums, exhibition halls, private collections etc. using portable holographic equipment, made by IOMT.
Exhibitionn of holograms made by IOMT
Hologram of Orthodox icon