Institute of Optical Materials and Technologies
"Acad. Jordan Malinowski"

Acad. J. Malinowski (1923 - 1996)
Academician Jordan Malinowski was born on 03.06.1923 ...
About us
The Institute of Optical Materials and Technologies (IOMT) “Academician Jordan Malinowski” has been established on July 1, 2010 by merging two research units: The Central Laboratory of Photo-processes and The Central Laboratory of Optical Recording and Processing of Information.
The main research goals of the institute are:
⁕ Investigation of photo-induced processes in micro- and nano-sized layers and structures and to develop high-technology novel materials and methods for optical applications in flexible transparent electronics, ecology, biomedicine, food industry, non-destructive testing and cultural heritage protection;
⁕ Training of highly qualified personnel in these areas. Training of graduates and postgraduates;
⁕ Carrying out interdisciplinary research and joint projects with experts from other research units;
⁕ Implementation of the scientific product through innovation and knowledge transfer to industry.◊

Most significant scientific achievement for 2017
Synthesis, structure and spectral characteristics of new azo-dyes with intramolecular hydrogen bonding, coordinator assist. prof. Anton Georgiev, PhD. Three different “push-pull” 4-aminoazobenzene dyes with intramolecular hydrogen bonding are synthesized. The molecular geometries of the dyes were optimized by DFT quantum-chemical calculations and ...
Most significant applied scientific achievement for 2017
Flexible and lightweight electro-optical module, based on graphene, coordinator assoc. prof. Vera Marinova, DSc. One- and two-layered graphene with excellent optical quality and high electrical conductivity has been obtained by the chemical gas phase deposition method. Then, the graphene was transferred to flexible, lightweight and portable pads that ...
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