Institute of Optical Materials and Technologies
"Acad. Jordan Malinovski"

IX Spring Seminar - 2016
IX Spring Seminar of PhD students and young scientists from BAS institutes "Interdisciplinary Chemistry"

Prof. Elena Stoykova, DPhysSc, meets President Rossen Plevneliev during the reception in Grand Hayat Hotel, Seoul, organised in commemoration of the 25-th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations with the Republic of Korea
Seminar 2013
Seminar 2013
Seminar, 2011

Hologram Еxhibition in Bourgas, Bulgaria, 2011
IOMT co-operates with local authorities and museums to exhibit its achievements.
Hologram Exhibition in BAS Headquarters
BAS opens their doors for the citizens of Sofia and its guests.
Holograms dedicated to Levski in Karlovo
These color holograms are endowed by IOMT to the Museum of V. Levski in Karlovo, Bulgaria. They depict belongings of the Apostle, consigned by the National Military History Museum.